Subverting an Empire

I've been talking with a few folks in the last couple of weeks, exploring this idea/vision/dream-thing that God's put on my heart. Yesterday, I hung out for a bit with Mike Rusch from the Cobblestone Project. It's massively encouraging to experience what we cognitively know to be true: That God works through people in similar ways to further His Kingdom purposes. I'm thankful that Jesus has given Mike the grace and mercy to be a vessel for Himself.

One of the things he sent me was a video of Rick McKinley speaking at a conference in Austin. That's about all I know about the video. [Rick, if you read this: I'm not trying to steal your thunder, bro. Hope it's cool that I put the video up.] The talk is called "Subverting an Empire". If you haven't seen it, take ten minutes and watch it. It's like a lot of things in our lives of faith, though: It's a red pill/blue pill proposition. Don't read the Beatitudes if you don't want to know what Jesus thinks about the poor. Don't watch the video if you don't want to be challenged to think differently about how we serve the needs of our neighbors.

I won't say I have any big take-aways to share with you. All I have now is grist for my thinker-mill. I've been interrupted, as I've heard it put, and so, I pray, will you be.


Subverting an Empire - Rick McKinley from Jeffrey Melton on Vimeo.