Sailing as metaphor?

After applying to Crowder College, I have heard nothing from the school in several weeks, other than to tell me I've been accepted to the school. The director of the wind technology program at the College has resigned, and the position has yet to be filled. There's too much uncertainty in that program for me to push the issue, so I'll continue to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, there are a couple of interesting opportunities at work. Both would represent greater job security and a nicer work environment, and the possibility of better wages. One of the jobs seems right up my alley. I'm ambivalent about the other one. There's not much else I can say about either at the moment.

Some of you may have heard me use sailing as a metaphor for how I navigate my life. [My apologies if I've overused the metaphor in your experience…] I'm talking about the kind of sailing where the captain of the ship has a general idea of where he's going, but being at the mercy of the wind and tide means he must sometimes choose a different course or even a different intermediate or final destination.

The ship has to be moving to have steerage, so I keep plugging along, even in adverse conditions. I try a certain course, but if the wind, current or tide isn't favorable, then I try a different tack, configuration of sail or course. When conditions are favorable, though, I'll sheet out every sail she has and hold as close to the wind as the ship will handle. And so it goes, until I reach port.

Hold fast.