Processing my visit to Crowder College

As I mentioned yesterday, this afternoon I went to Crowder College to visit with Dan Boyd, Wind Instructor, about the College's wind technology education programs. I enjoyed visiting with Dan, and his information — as well as his candor — I think will prove to be very helpful to Kristina and me as we consider our next steps.

I won't bore you with a lot of details right now, partly because it's unnecessary, but mostly because I'm exhausted. Since when has necessity been a prerequisite for me to bore you with details, right? Suffice it to say that we have a lot to consider in the coming months. I wouldn't begin attending classes until this fall, and since we think we'll be able to afford the program without incurring any additional debt, we won't be rushed by filing deadlines for federal student aid.

Dan mentioned a wind industry career expo in California this May. Kristina and I are also considering whether that might be a trip I should plan to make. In the grand scheme of things, it's relatively inexpensive, and it would give me the opportunity to meet with some industry recruiters, hand out some résumés, and hopefully score an interview or two. It might render moot the decision about whether to go back to school this fall. Of course, if it doesn't result in at least an interview… *shrug*

Stay tuned…