Jumping to conclusions

Teena texted me today with news that someone from the daycare had called her, saying Aylin had thrown up, but wasn't running a temperature. She also told me that Aylin had thrown up because she'd thrown a temper tantrum after breakfast.

I got all ticked off, of course, because Aylin had been hitting people yesterday, and I saw this as a sign that Aylin was starting to turn into a little tyrant. Based on my understanding of what Teena's told me in the past, I've been concerned that the ladies at daycare were spoiling Aylin. So my immediate reaction was, "We are, by God, gonna put a stop to that right now."

As it turns out, the teacher who called Kristina was a substitute or temporary teacher, and she hadn't told either of the directors -- like she was supposed to -- that she was calling a parent. It also turns out that Kristina just assumed -- incorrectly -- that Aylin had thrown a fit and made herself sick. What actually happened was that she'd been spinning around and dancing like mad to some fun music shortly after breakfast and just spit up a little bit. It also turns out that I've misinterpreted the way the ladies at the daycare are treating Aylin, or -- more accurately -- that I've misunderstood what Teena's been saying about how they handle her.

So, while it's good that Teena and I found cause to sit down and talk about discipline at home for Aylin, we both learned a lesson or two about jumping to conclusions.